Company Overview

companhy overview
Pulp and paper mills undergo planned downtime just the same as other industrial plants. Not only do inspection and maintenance efforts for these worksites take significant time and effort to execute — mismanagement of these finite resources can cost the company staggering amounts of money on top of their lost production opportunity.

The same management capacities that keep a mill running during regular operations with a skeleton crew do too little to coordinate the hundreds of extra maintenance personnel and expanded working hours that come with an outage. This temporary chaos, while ultimately productive, can be quite overwhelming. Ensuring that a shutdown, turnaround, or outage remains safe and efficient requires certain management capabilities that some mills lack in-house.

Project Services, LLC serves these needs of clients in the pulp and paper industries by focusing our expertise on assisting them in the management of planned downtime.

Our team of project managers is composed of industrial plant veterans with a wealth of experience with the logistics involved in conducting a successful outage. Project Services takes on both capital and routine projects all over the South and up the eastern coast; our consultants, managers, planners, and schedulers have streamlined shutdown processes at plants from Texas to New York.

Every one of our clients to date has requested that Project Services return and perform further jobs at their mills because of the benefit we bring to their shutdown experience — we are able to make that happen for our clients because of the years of experience running outages that we bring.