Data Management

outage data management

SAP is a computer system that manages a mill’s most important maintenance data. Project Services provides all manner of support regarding this program to the local mill staff, who may need our assistance when: the mill adds new equipment, upgrades their SAP program, audits the database for inaccurate or missing data, updates the lists of critical parts kept onsite, etc. Any of these functions can be performed as the need arises or can be regularly scheduled as periodic system maintenance.


As a companion program, Meridium offers a wealth of historical information on equipment tracked in SAP by extracting the old data stored there for future analysis. This system bolsters mechanical reliability by predicting failures at a measurable rate, allowing maintenance workers to plan for and even prevent their occurrence. Employees can use Meridium to quickly generate documentation of mill processes that is thorough enough to satisfy the reporting requirements imposed by government agencies and insurance companies, thus saving planners and management valuable time and energy.

Project Services is available to assist with both the implementation of this system and the maintenance of the mill’s data, as relevant to client needs. Mills that have implemented this combination of SAP and Meridium programs have derived quantifiable savings from its use. Contact us with your data management needs today.