outage safety
Project Services offers a wide range of capabilities related to pulp and paper shutdowns, generally fitting into a ategory of contract management, project management, planning, or scheduling.

We are thoroughly experienced in working with the equipment part and parcel of any pulp or paper mill: recovery boilers and paper machines, pressurized tubing and lime kilns, pulp machines and power boilers. Our proficiency with these enables us to provide auditing services for quality assurance and preventative maintenance purposes.

In addition to boosting the effectiveness of the shutdown, our team works to ensure the safety of inspection and maintenance personnel. Project Services retains a safer than average workers’ compensation modification rate because of our dedication to safety on the job site. Furthermore, we have maintained an A rating with ISNet since registering in 2013.

To provide a comprehensive solution to our clients’ needs, Project Services also makes our industry experts available for both short-term jobs and long-term engagements.