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We are a business specializing in Project Management, Contract Management, Scheduling, and Planning. In recent years, Project Services has also assisted with plant expansions and installations by overseeing and scheduling fabrication projects. We bring expertise working with boilers (of the package, power, and recovery varieties), pressurized tubing, paper machines, turbines, lime kiln, and pulp.

In respect to SAFETY, our Worker’s Comp Mod Rate has remained exceptional since our founding, scoring 100% in most of our reviews.

What started as a small business grew over time by personalizing and customizing our services. Even though we are larger now, we still value each of our clients like they’re the only one we’ve got.

Project Services brings professionalism and expertise to every job, prioritizing the client’s needs to produce the best possible return for their outage investment. We invite you to learn how we can help minimize your plant’s outage pains.



We pride ourselves on approaching every job with integrity and the client’s best interests at heart.


Industry Veterans

Every one of our employees brings a long background supporting industrial clients and running STOs.



We do a good job — so good that each of our customers has asked us to return for subsequent jobs.

“From both employees and clients, we regularly hear that people genuinely like working with us.”

Terri Jones, Project Services Vice President

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What We Do



Project Services doesn't just coordinate the various jobs that need to be completed — we compile them into a master schedule for easier review.


We offer services overseeing every level of client outages, from quality assurance management to contractor management to project management.


Optimal efficiency and use of resources for client production facilities can only result from a dedication to exceptional planning and preparedness.
We aid clients across the United States with comprehensive outage management services. If your downtime is inefficient, costing as much in productivity as it may save in repairs and replacements, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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