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We perform project management, contractor management, planning, and scheduling services for both capital and routine projects. Our technicians also offer assistance with SAP-PM master data. Project Services has managed capital improvements, demolitions, disaster recovery, and new installations for numerous industrial production clients. Additionally, we have developed a training course for Microsoft Project catered to mill outages.

Our personnel bring decades of experience managing plant and mill outages as they help client projects through the planning process. They are also available to take the night shift for project managers to get a good night’s rest while the work continues 24/7. Facilitating the smooth flow of tradesmen and supplies through an outage or project requires an expert that can stay a step or two ahead of schedule. We have been there and done that many times over. Reach out to Project Services — this is our specialty.

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Two Technicians Reviewing Radiography Scans
Project Services LLC has been in operation since March 2010 and is a business that specializes in serving the logistics requirements of industrial clients at every stage, from new installations to demolitions and everything in between.

We founded our company in order to fill a market for short-term yet highly skilled labor in the paper industry. We began by leveraging Wayne Jones’ years of experience acquired at mills and powerhouses. Now we have multiple people to assist your company in performing annual outages for repairs. Backgrounds and resumes are available upon request for everyone on staff with Project Services LLC.

Our current staff brings a vast range of expertise built across decades of mill work. Each and every employee has a record of maintaining sound safety practices. These professionals are available for long-term jobs as well as the typically short-term outages. Let us know your staffing needs for your outages, and we will work with you to fill the void.

Services Overview

Inefficiency always costs a plant money, but never more so than during an outage. Project Services specializes in helping industrial clients through the logistically demanding process of scheduled downtime. By tapping into the decades of industry experience available on our staff, we have optimized our suite of services to get your plant back up and running quickly, safely, and effectively
We aid clients across the United States with comprehensive outage management services. If your downtime is inefficient, costing as much in productivity as it may save in repairs and replacements, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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