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Industrial facilities of all sorts undergo planned downtime to properly inspect and service their machinery. Not only do the services performed on these worksites take significant time and effort to execute — mismanagement of these finite resources can cost the company staggering amounts of money on top of their lost production opportunity.

The same management capacities that keep various production facilities running during regular operations with a skeleton crew do too little to coordinate the hundreds of extra maintenance personnel and expanded working hours that come with an outage. This temporary chaos, while ultimately productive, can be quite overwhelming. Ensuring that a shutdown, turnaround, or outage remains safe and efficient requires certain management capabilities that some mills lack in-house.

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Our logistics experts make sense of all the different personnel coming into and out of the jobsite


We employ industry veterans at every level watching to ensure the job gets completed the right way


Effective planning accurately budgets time and secures proper resources to complete projects
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Project Services, LLC answers the demands of our industrial clients by focusing our expertise on assisting them in managing their planned downtime.

Industrial plant veterans comprise our team of project managers, each bringing an extensive background with the logistics involved in conducting a successful outage. Their wide-ranging expertise fills in the gap in your staff’s experience, equipping client jobsites to handle whatever stands between them and a successful outage. Project Services customizes our time and attention to best fit client needs. We work with each facility to match the skills they need with the skills of our personnel. More often than not, we have a veteran on staff with experience pertinent to the challenge.

Project Services implements management solutions at every level — from quality assurance to contractor management, and all the way up to project management, our personnel ensure the work gets completed the right way. Project Services takes on both capital and routine projects all over the South and up the eastern coast; our consultants, managers, planners, and schedulers have streamlined shutdown processes at pulp, paper, power, and production plants from Texas to New York.

Even though we began serving pulp and paper mills exclusively, our expertise has allowed us to expand our capabilities to other production facilities. Every one of our clients to date has requested that Project Services return and perform subsequent jobs at their mills because of the benefit we bring to their shutdown experience — we make that happen for our clients because of the years of experience running outages that we offer.

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Inefficiency always costs a plant money, but never more so than during an outage. Project Services specializes in helping industrial clients through the logistically demanding process of scheduled downtime. By tapping into the decades of industry experience available on our staff, we have optimized our suite of services to get your plant back up and running quickly, safely, and effectively
We aid clients across the United States with comprehensive outage management services. If your downtime is inefficient, costing as much in productivity as it may save in repairs and replacements, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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